Engaging in viticulture in the Žabić family has a long tradition. Like most winegrowers, out of love for this plant and product, the first years of production were reserved for their own needs, for socializing and good friends. Over the years and the desire for constant improvement and progress, the small family vineyard has turned into a plantation with as many as 6,000 vines of various varieties.

The vineyard with a total area of 1.08 hectares is dominated by white grape varieties: Graševina, Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling and Škrlet. The Škrlet variety is a specific autochthonous Moslavina variety, also one of the rarest Croatian autochthonous varieties, and the planting material for the plantation was obtained by the process of clonal selection of the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. The wines are stored and matured in the wine cellar, and as a special wine of the winery we can highlight the Chardonnay vintage of 2003, as our oldest wine in the archive.

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