All our awards

With the existing wine samples, the family participated in several national and international wine exhibitions: VinoDar in Daruvar, MoslaVina in Kutina, Continental Croatian Wine Exhibition in Sveti Ivan Zelina, Čazmanski Vinokap in Čazma – with encouraging results in the range of golden and silver medals, with positive remarks from the judging panels.

We especially emphasize the awards:

Čazmanski vinokap 2018 – Škrlet 2017 – GOLD – The best rated wine of the autochthonous Škrlet variety and the best rated wine of the Čazman vineyards
Vinodar 2017 – Graševina 2016 – GOLD
Čazmanski vinokap 2019 – Rhine Riesling 2018 – GOLD – The best rated wine of Čazmanski vinogorje

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